The SCLP is open to all families in Sarasota and Manatee counties and the surrounding areas. Memebership gives you access to special events and class registration. To get more involved, join the board, teach a class, or start a student or parent club. Just speak with the volunteer coordinator for help getting started.

To apply, submit the online membership application. The application includes a mandatory waiver of liability and hold harmless agreement and an optional media release.

Each semester, SCLP hosts an Open House before classes begin. You will be able to explore the classrooms and interact with our teachers. They will answer your questions about their classes and policies and show you what they have planned for the semester.

Our expectations of students is both simple and high: Come prepared to learn and comply with the code of conduct.

Nonrefundable membership dues of $50 per family are due before each semester (August & January) and cover the entire Fall (August to December) and Spring (January to May).

Dues may be paid by check made out to "SCLP". These dues are used to cover rental of necessary facilities and liability insurance. Payments for the year are not accepted and dues are not prorated or refundable. On occasion, SCLP also hosts fundraising efforts to keep dues low.

Your children are always your responsibility at co-op. You must stay on campus during their classes or coordinate alternative care. Likewise, you are expected to be engaged with their teachers as needed. Please bring safety concerns to the attention of a board member on site as soon as possible.

To help our cooperative reflect its membership and spread the workload to prevent burnout, members must commit to volunteering to help run the cooperative, whether by serving on its board, helping set up or clean up classrooms and the community space, or advising a student club. Please consider your physical capabilities in choosng a volunteer position. You sign up for a volunteer position when submitting a membership application. But also know that your help is always welcome!

SCLP reflects its active membership. It can be difficult to come into any established group, but know that your ideas and participation are welcome! While friendships naturally grow and some people instantly bond, know that we are first and foremost an inclusive community. Time, more than anything, builds community, so if your family can, consider staying for the full co-op day and participating in special events. Students are always around, looking for friends and activities during their free periods. Likewise, parents are passing the time with conversation and entertaining the littlest ones. There is a playground close to the classes and many children bring bikes, scooters or other activities to pass the time.