fall 2021

First period (10:00 Am)

Noelle Knight w/KnightFall Academy
Folk Lore & Fairy Tales (ages 6-8; $75/$20)

Hop on the train with Casey Jones in Vaughn, Mississippi. Discover your favorite apple with Johnny Appleseed. Help the reforestization effort with Paul Bunyan. Build a Gingerbread House with Hansel & Gretel. Play a guessing game with The Gingerbread Man. Complete an archetecture build challenge with The Three Little Pigs. Create some beautiful seed art with Thumbelina. And learn a magic trick with Anansi the spider.

Mary Lee
Preschool Time (ages 3-5; $60/$15)

Come join us on an adventure where we will enjoy fun art projects and help each other develop the love of learning in our own way. We will explore some popular nursery rhymes such as Jack and Jill, the 3 Little Pigs, Humpty Dumpty, etc. We will have hands on learning experiences with different items such as mirrors, apples, pumpkins, measuring tools, and so much more. Our class focus will be on building self-esteem, and learning science, math, and fine and gross motor skills. Adventure awaits, beginning this September!

Andi Evers w/STEMania
STEM Warrior Challenges (ages 5-12; $100/$20)

This course is equipped for an 8 week series. Do you have what it takes to be a STEM Warrior?! Each week the students will be tasked with a STEM challenge where they have to build or create something. In this series students will learn about simple machines and be challenged to build the longest marble run, discuss different forms of energy while using a slingshot, learn about construction engineering and planning when building structures and discuss many more fun activites! In each course the students can work in small groups to brainstorm, create, and build the various projects.

Stacy Worden
Photography (ages 9+; $70/$10)

Join us as we dive into the world of photography at beautiful G.T Bray park.This is a highly creative and collaborative class. Students will be encouraged to share ideas and work together to create art. Through various engaging activities we will learn about focus, perspective, composition, lighting, detail, storytelling, portraits, nature photography, and more. Any picture taking device can be used for this class as we will focus more on the art of photography rather than technical details. Let's get creative and have fun together!

second period (11:00 Am)

Stacy Worden
Incredible Insects (ages 6-8; $50/$15)

Insects are amazing! Have you ever wondered why some insects can walk on water or how much an ant can carry? In this class we will explore the many incredible adaptations of insects. Classes will include crafts, games, nature walks, scavenger hunts, stories, movement, and more!

Zhani Glaab
3D Art (ages 8-15; $50/$15)

In this class, we will take the art off the page and explore 3-dimensional projects utilizing a wide variety of media. Students will get their hands dirty while creating 6-7 beautiful display pieces from unlikely materials.

Andi Evers w/STEMania
LEGO Master Challenges (ages 5-12; $100/$20)

It's your chance to see if you can become a LEGOMaster builder! LEGO enthusiasts will participate in different competitions that begin with a single LEGO brick and concludes with master constructions. Some of the classes include building Jurassic Park, The Titanic, Treehouses, an Amusement Park, and more! Each challenge will have STEM quick fires and twists to see if you really have what it takes to be a LEGOMaster builder! Come put your LEGO building skills to the test.

Noelle Knight w/KnightFall Academy
Silly Sports & Goofy Games (ages 6+; $60/$5)

How shall we play today? Silly Sports & Goofy Games takes the best of competitive sports and cooperative games to create a fun filled experience for all participants. Throughout the semester, we well learn how to play nine different types of games: Terrific Tag to strengthen reflexes and thinking on your feet; Happy Helpers to promote character deelopment; Beautiful Balances to promote interdependence and harmony; Creative Coordination to promote interdependence; Meaningful Movements to promote emotional development; Crazy Challenges to strengthen persistance and team esteem; Ridiculous Relays to foster cooperation and teamwork skills; Silly Sports to promote moral development; and Goofy Games to just have FUN!

third period (12:00 pm)

Nancy Pantano w/Happy Healthy Kids
Garden to Table (ages 6-13; $110/$24)

In this class students will gain an appreciation for the garden and where most of their food comes from, as we use fresh grown herbs and vegetables to enhance and flavor the recipes we will be making. Fresh rosemary, cilantro and mint along with garden grown zucchini, cherry tomatoes and avocados will be added to a host of no - cook dishes sure to wake up and delight the taste buds in your child's mouth. Avocado Toast, Caprese Pasta Salad, Spring Rolls and Fruit Salsa are just a few of the mouth watering dishes we will be creating in this outdoor 'kitchen'. Let your child get a 'taste' of this class and discover the budding chef within!

Noelle Knight w/KnightFall Academy
Candy Chemistry (ages 6-10; $75/$20)

You may think that candy is just a sugary snack. Think again. With candy, you can become a scientific detective. Each week we will use candy to explore a different aspect of chemistry. Our topics include: Secret Ingredients; Color; Sink & Float; Blow It Up; Squash It; Hot & Cold; Dissolve This; and Sticky. Join us this semester for some candy experiments!

fourth period (1:00 PM)

Nancy Pantano w/Happy Healthy Kids
Krafty Kids (ages 6-13; $110/$24)

Who doesn't love to craft!? In this class your child will create beautiful yet simple crafts they can take home to keep or gift. No art talent is required here, just a desire to create some fun and colorful things. Paper crafts, painting, glass creating, bubbling and many more ideas for your child to learn how to do on their own at home! Some of the items we will be making are colored, scented bubbles, pop-up cards, dream catchers and luminary jars. Let your child have loads of fun while creating whimsical and useful items in this Krafty Kids Class!

Zhani Glaab
Native & Invasive Reptiles of Florida (ages 9-16; $55)

Budding herpetologists won’t want to miss this class, diving into the 100+ species of scaled reptiles that can be found right here in the state we call home. Students will learn to identify and classify native wildlife, and distinguish them from the dozens of invasive species that have established in our inviting, tropical climate.

Stacy Worden
Photography Jr. (ages 6-8; $70/$10)

Do you love to take pictures? Join us for this exciting class and we explore new ideas at beautiful G.T Bray. This is a highly creative and collaborative class. Students will be encouraged to share ideas and work together. Activities will include scavenger hunts, Frame it game, Find it game, 50 steps, toy stories, and more. Any picture taking device can be used for this class so grab your cameras and be prepared to have fun creating art together.

fifth period (2:00 pm)

Stacy Worden
Magnificent Mammals (ages 5-8; $50/$15)

Have you ever wondered what makes mammals so special? If you are an animal lover this is the class for you. Join us as we learn about all our favorite mammals. Classes will include crafts, stories, songs, movement, dancing, and more. Come have fun exploring the world of mammals with us.

Zhani Glaab
Art Collaboration (ages 9-16; $50/$10)

Over the course of 8 weeks, students will enjoy a variety of games and projects that strengthen communication skills, coordination, and critical thinking through collaborative art. Activities will be done in pairs or small groups, with 12+ pieces of art being completed during the course. This class is upbeat, dynamic, and one-of-a-kind.

Noelle Knight w/KnightFall Academy
Psychology & Me (ages 10-15; $65/$10)

Are you an extrovert or an introvert? An optimitst or a pessimist? Are you creative? Are you a genius? Are you right-brained or left-brained? What body language do you speak? Can you predict the future? The answers to these questions are clues to your personal style. This semester come discover your own personal style and get to know yourself a little better! By the end of the semester you will have completed a variety of Personal Style Inventories and created a keepsake journal of your discoveries.